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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

How did you get into the Risk Profession?

This has always been a favourite question of mine. Be it in an interview set up or generally speaking, hearing how any risk professional got into the field they are in is inspiring , interesting and worthy of note. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced Risk Management in some very dynamic environments both here in the UK and in Canada. I never realised how Risk plays a part in everyday life and just having a little think about the risks we face daily sparked a curiosity, passion and enthusiasm to further my career in this field. Having stumbled upon the article 3 Basic Risk Management Techniques You’ve Already Used Today (click title to open) really highlighted the point I always talk about to friends on why I love being in the Risk profession. On the theme of the article here are my alternative 3 risk techniques we use/don’t realise we face everyday

1. Your indoor working environment: Be it Indoor Air Quality and Temperature settings, these factors are considered and standards are applied to make your office working life smooth and comfortable as possible. Who would have thought these things require planning and some form of risk planning.

2. The Daily AM Coffee/Tea run: Ever wondered why those coffee cups at our much loved coffee houses are labelled ‘Caution Hot Contents?’ Or if you’re anything like me and have to specifically ask for an ‘extra hot latte’ as the temperature is warm? Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants case. Need I say more? This was always a talking point in the Insurance boardroom meetings I used to attend.

3. Walking up/down stairs/escalators: In a rush? Always? 1 min till the next tube? Simply holding onto the rails can mean the difference between a nasty trip/fall in public, injuries and the lengthy headache of claims.

Obviously the level of risks varies, from the ‘mundane’ to high profile business risks. Nevertheless, you have to admit, Risk is ‘EXCITING!’

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