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with Rina Singh

Award Winning Founder & Host

"We all consume content in different ways. Whether you love reading, watching videos or listening, the RESILIENCEPOD has you covered.


Welcome to the RESILIENCEPOD

About the episodes

Each episode brings to you discussions with influential resilience industry leaders from around the world working in all realms of the resilience industry including (but not limited to) Risk Management, Business Continuity, Emergency Planning/Incident Management, Cyber, IT/Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management and Crisis Communications. 


Created and hosted by your fellow resilience professional, Rina Singh.

About the episodes

Whilst these disciplines help organisations prepare, protect and respond and recover from disruptive events, PEOPLE are a key factor.


You will therefore see content on the personal side of resilience. Featuring stories from people who have overcome adversity in their owns lives and adopted a growth mindset to become resilient, to covering insights with those working in complementary disciplines such as  HR, Wellbeing, Coaching/Positive psychology industries and more.

Why? Because Resilience is everyone's responsibility.

The world is becoming turbulent faster than organisations including ourselves are becoming resilient.

The RESILIENCEPOD is your multi-media pod full of unapologetic blogs, podcasts and videos unmasking the many facades of the resilience industry. Inspiring, raising awareness and helping you invest in your resilience in our world full of disruptions.

The #Resiliencepod audience? 

  • Global Resilience CEO's

  • Directors, Heads of/Directors  BCM/Risk/Crisis/Cyber 

  • Mid Career Professionals -Resilience Managers, Emergency planners 

  • Entrepreneurs/Consultants in Resilience

  • Early career professionals (Resilience Planners, advisors, Planning Assistance) 

  • Students studying resilience (undergraduates , post grads to MBA)

  • Specialist Companies focusing on delivering resilience products (Planning software, communications tools etc) 

The audience also pans across many complementary disciplines such as Psychology, coaching, wellbeing etc. 

  1. 50/50 Male/Female across all platforms (increase in female audience)

  2. Gen Z Gen X, Millennials, Boomers, and Silent (17years to 60+ listen)

  3. Global Audience 

There is no restriction on who can listen, after all it's about investing in your resilience in our world full of disruptions. Everyone is welcome. 




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