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Get your hands on some merch all designed to help YOU become resilient, in our world full of disruptions. 

respod classic_edited.jpg

01 The RESPOD Classic notebook 

Image: Accessories not included 


  • By design of course.

  • Because why wait for someone else to tell you how to be resilient, when you can design it yourself!

02 The Navy notebook

Image: Accessories not included 


Notebook Collection


How to use this notebook?

  • Use it to jot down your thoughts, business notes, your ideas, challenges, successes or just use it to scribble and draw.

  • Keep it next to your bedside table so you can immediately write down your amazing ideas and thoughts.

  • Take it with you on the go to your next face to face meeting and turn heads with one (or four) of these notebooks. 

04 Grain Slate notebook 

Image: Accessories not included 

03 The RESPOD Charm notebook 

Image: Accessories not included 

pink women in resilience.jpg

Product Details 

  • Paperback 

  • 120 pages 

  • Blank lined

  • 15.24 x 0.71 x 22.86 cm

Don't forget to take a picture when it arrives and tag us on Instagram @RESILIENCEPOD or
LinkedIn @ RESILIENCEPOD Podcast

What is the Resilient By Design: Notebook collection? 

The very first collection of notebooks from the RESILIENCEPOD® have been personally designed and created to purposefully help you become resilient in our world full of disruptions. 


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