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The New Era of Operational Resilience + FREE Operational Resilience Self-Assessment Checklist| AD

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

This sponsored post in collaboration with Fusion Risk Management is really coming at a great time because for many of you fellow #RESILIENCEPOD-ers your work life has been focused on preparing your organisations for the Bank of England's Operational Resilience Regulations. It's October 2021 right now, and that deadline for March 2022 is just five months away.

To ease some of that pain (because, let's face it, regulation compliance is tough) I really wanted to address this on the RESILIENCEPOD® and give you something to help you along the way. Law of attraction works in great ways because when the team at Fusion Risk Management got in touch to do exactly this, I knew it was meant to be.

Even if you have stumbled upon this and do not directly work within the financial services, I promise you that investing your time in digesting the contents of this special episode is well worth your time. (You can watch it on Youtube or Listen in on your favourite podcast platform. The direct links have also been embedded below)

PLUS, the team at Fusion have kindly offered an exclusive gift for the #resiliencepod family. AMAZING RIGHT (Scroll down for details)

💡 What this episode covers:👇🏾

I am with Paula Fontana, Senior Director Product & Partner Marketing at Fusion Risk Management (USA) to dig deeper into the New Era of Operational Resilience. Are you ready?

00:00 -Introduction

01:18 -What are the new Operational Resilience Regulations?

02:26 - Is this regulation only relevant to Financial Services?

03:36- Should we be thinking the impacts of Operational Resilience on a global level?

05:07 - The deadline for compliance is March 2022. What should we focus on right now? (3 key tips)

07:10 -How can we get started to meet this obligation?

08.41 - The details of the FREE checklist to help you get started for the #resiliencepod family. Including a summary of what the key questions are including emerging best practices.

11.25 - Is Operational Resilience the same/re-branded as Business Continuity?

14.28 - Is this a transformative moment for the resilience industry?

15.00 : Leveraging Technology to scale and creating a resilient ecosystem takes time.

17.22 : Final /Close

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Let's talk

As I close off, tell me, is your business ready for this regulation?

Did you download the checklist? If it's helped, let me know and I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time, Keep Investing in YOUR Resilience | Rina-Host & Founder @resiliencepod Subscribe here for first dibs on all FREE content to your mailbox!!

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📍This is a paid/sponsored post in collaboration with Fusion Risk Management. As always, concept, content and delivery (unless otherwise stated) has been delivered and published by Rina Singh , Owner of the RESILIENCEPOD®

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