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Therapy for BIA addicts| RESILIENCE POD

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

I think BIA addicts need therapy! There, I said it!

📷I always knew this area was somewhat of a task and often or not the scenarios one would hear would be;

1. We don't want any BIA's, just write the plan; 2. Someone did a BIA 3 years ago but we don't really follow it; and, the BEST one I heard recently 3. We do BIA's three times a quarter and have been for the last year!

THREE times!!??! So BC plan owners were called BIA owners, and instead of going through the BC life cycle the company was stuck. Stuck doing the same thing like a broken cassette player we used to listen to back in the eighties. It started off with best intentions to familiarise staff with the process however , somewhere in between the rest of the BC planning was forgotten. What was left? Annoyed stakeholders , obviously! 

I touched on therapy for BIA addicts in my pod cast interview which you can listen to here.

Alas, after recovering from the thought of making the business conduct BIA's so many times , which has literally been giving me nightmares,it is essential that any BC person starting off in this industry realises that whilst BIA's are essential, to fully understand whether the BC capability is effective, the full life cycle needs to be conducted. Refinements should be a natural ongoing progress, The BIA addicts in some may say that this is ridiculous but BIA need not be perfect, Without going past the analysis stage, how can you know if what you are inputting is feasible? What was happening in this case was that the distinction between BIA and BCP's were lost. It became BIA planning rather than BC planning. 

So , my question to you all out there is where do you draw the line on updating and start implementing? How many times is too many times? 

Stay tuned for more BIA therapy.

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