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The Resilient CEO with Matt Hodges Long CEO & Co-Founder Track My Risks

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

"I don't ever really see anything as a failure, and I think that is an intrinsic part of being an entrepreneur. Take ownership of the problems. That has happened for a reason. What have I learnt from it and move on". - Matt Hodges Long- CEO TrackMyRisk

Hey there RESILEINCE POD'ers.

It is not everyday that you can get ACTUAL face time with a CEO of an organisation. Let alone one who has co -founded and runs a business that helps organisations and YOU to save lives. (🤩inserts excited emoji here🤩). Yes, that is right SAVE LIVES. Intrigued?


I look into the journey and thinking patterns of my next guest , Matt Hodges Long, Co Founder and CEO of TrackMyRisks, and what makes this resilient CEO a real model in our resilience industry. I promise it's one to watch, but if you are still unsure then scroll down:

In this episode we talk about:

Where it all began (Matt’s first job, his journey and early entrepreneurial spirits)

💡The biggest lessons learnt so far from co -finding and being the CEO of his own start up. (We talk about what has surprised him in his journey, building a team and letting go and trust)

📲 💻Technology in business. Essential or nice to have? Can you guess what he said?

💪🏻 Resilience- How does Matt Manage a work life balance especially with a high demanding role /start up and boundaries for work and personal life

💡If Matt wasn’t the CEO of TrackMyRisks , what would he have liked to be doing?

💡Matt gives his advice for new startups. – In this we go into details of what he wishes he had known then, including the real truths no one tells you.

📚Matt also shares much more including his favourite book. You can tell and learn so much from the books people read. Who wouldn't want to know what a CEO reads? This one is worth sticking around to find out.


It’s a powerful one as this inspired him to start his business. Now any book that has that much of an impact is absolutely one to read right? Watch or listen to find out what.

Enjoy this episode, like, share and subscribe for more. Full video below:

🎧Fancy less screen time?

I got you covered with a podcast version and as we can't commute right now take

me around your home whilst you do the chores/cook etc and 🎧Listen directly below or Search Resilience Pod via Spotify, Sticher, Youtube , Anchor.

Until next time, Keep Investing in YOUR Resilience | Rina

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