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THE Professor of Communicating Cyber with Gary Hibberd on the RESILIENCE POD .Season 2. Ep.1| 2020

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

In this episode :

2020 is officially now in full swing, books that inspire your new year's resolution set you up and now it's time to introduce my FIRST guest for 2020.

Excitement level is high as always because I am with THE professor of communicating cyber. Gary Hibberd on the show. Gary is the renowned expert at making it safe for you to do business in the Cyber Universe , a fantastic speaker and just a humble human being.

In this episode of unmasking the real models in the resilience industry we get personal;

In this episode : THE Professor of Communicating Cyber with Gary Hibberd on the RESILIENCE POD . Season 2 Ep 1. | 2020

In the first 8 minutes:

We started by asking Gary how he felt at the start of the interview with the mood book and why. - listen/watch to find out what he picked.

1. Leaving school at 16 ...what happened next..

2. How Gary got into the Resilience Industry (learning about IT at the start and what he calls a very long story. It took him about 15 years to build on with this.

3. Business Continuity. Conscious decision or fell into it?

4. Breaking Down Barriers and Silos

5. Communication is key! - As simple as it sounds, Seek to understand first. Build


The Meaty stuff

At 09.37 minutes , we explore how Gary got his title of THE Professor of Communication Cyber. - It really is interesting and do take note of WHY! -The answer is there for YOU to use.

At 13.19 we explore the challenges Gary has faced to date in his career. You won't be surprised he started off with communication. Plus it's not a technical problem. So if it's not technical what is it? Listen or watch to find out.

At 14.44 , I asked Gary if he ever faced Imposter Syndrome. His answer surprised me.

At: 17.44 we explored more about whether not going to university was a blessing for Gary. He gets quite deep and I just loved his honesty and background and how he has not let anything hold him back. This also led to him getting a ferocious appetite for learning. #Selfdevelopment

At 21.42 Gary tells us what Resilience means to him personally.

It is being able to move forward in a positive way, expand your thinking , and how it impacts you and other people around you.

At 23.52 Gary gives his tips for newbies in the industry. I think what he said applies to anyone and any industry actually. Curious ?listen/watch

As we conclude, we discussed :

1. Gary's favorite book is Nobody's Victim- Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs and Trolls by Carrie Goldberg. Find out why by listening/watching. to the full interview

2. What makes a good public speaker? Gary gives his tips, You will have to listen/watch to find out.

Finally, Did Gary's mood change after the interview? What mood did he pick? Find out by listening/watching.

A photo of Rina Singh and Gary Hibberd after recording the podcast for the RESILIENCEPOD
Rina Singh (Right) with Gary HIbberd (Left)

Hope you enjoyed this video and podcast. Thank you firstly to Gary and to YOU for tuning in. Connect with Gary here

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until next time,

Until next time, stay safe and

Keep Investing in YOUR Resilience | Rina


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