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🎙️HR & Resilience Collaboration in a global pandemic | James Trotman Founder of Resilience Company

Updated: Mar 22, 2021


In this ever changing, dynamic world, organisations and their employees are constantly required to be alert, agile and adaptable.

A resilient business relies on resilient people right!

We are STILL in this pandemic guys , and those of us who are in the resilience field have helped our organisations enact their plans , all critical activities covered, everyone is working from home, but what about the people element of the response?

Have you been speaking to your Human Resource department? What is the link to HR and why is this collaboration even more crucial? Is it a relationship we should be enhancing?

Listen on to my next podcast with a transformation coach and former paramedic who helps businesses and individuals create strategies to navigate around planned and unplanned changes in the workplace and home. The founder of The Resilience Company, James Trotman.

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Listen directly below


3.05 The HR/People side is often a strategic high level view. The personal side is forgotten

4.35 Do Policies need to be altered in a mass crisis? James tells us it's about having an agile ability to change quickly and react.

Bureaucracy hinders and slows business down , policies should have been previously embedded but in this case most may not be relevant.

6.02 We go into blanket well -being programmes. In these high pressure new situations it is key to get individual programmes in place that focus on peoples different way of being. Why is this essential?

6.55 I ask James how we can practically do this. Listen to what he has to say.

8.23 What can line managers do to help their staff?

it's about talking and engagement – it is that simple! Listen for more on this

9.31- Look at your own sphere of influence – what is going to work for you?

There are things you can do to change your mindset and make life easier.

10.30 to 15:00 : I ask James two questions to dig deeper

1. How can we get employees to start thinking about this?

Mindfulness is one way. James gets deep. Some of it is to do with Ego and grounding yourself. He share’s one of his own tips.

2. How do we embed this in our organisations?

Culture! Where does it derive from? The CEO/Board? We must keep in touch with the culture of the country- listen to find out more.

13.17: More hints and tips on managing this pandemic personally. Don't forget to Socialise.

A question for you dear listener :

As resilience professional are you looking at the personal well-being side of planning?

We discuss mental load of key critical staff who are running the business. Not those key workers on the front line dealing directly with the pandemic but those who are doing that work to keep their organisations running

  1. What support is the organisation giving to those staff?

  2. Are you linking in as a leader?

  3. How important is that link to HR?

17.21 The links are looked at strategically, not at individual level (unless it is CEO/COO and everyone gets lumped into groups as we begin looking at the loss of people.

19.00- We talk about death in service. The numbers begin to come closer to home when it becomes personal. James share some personal stories . Compassion and kindness is key.

20.28 James share his experience working on the Shoreham air crash recovery. He tells us that resilience of the community was key.

21.54 We reflect that as resilience professionals we have better relationships with our HR than ever before.

22.45 Memory fades quickly – the cynic in James says it won’t fade and we don't want to loose momentum. Now is the time to build those relationships in the business, break down silos, stakeholders engagement, friends etc/

23.27 I share my experience of doing this and talking to HR and the odd requests that have come out as a result of the pandemic and the different situations. We are in this together.

24. 26 Every single person on the planet has been affected. It will be remembered.

is collaboration is going to get much better? More so with HR?

Think about the person behind that critical role.

26.00 As we come to an end we discuss the fact that there used to be HARD HR.

HR has evolved so much now. Listen for more info

After all dear reader, a resilient business rely on resilient people.

Go and speak to your HR and break down the silos.

Connect with James on LinkedIn and visit his site for a free guide to personal resilience.

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