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🎙️The Future Of Work Area Recovery Post Pandemic | Andrew Lawton CEO FortressAS

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hey there RESILIENCE POD'ers

Today we are talking about W.A.Rs! - Work Area Recovery Sites

WAR have been part of many Business Continuity (BC) options in planning. With the pandemic still restricting our movements have organisations been utilising their back up sites? Can they even do this amidst this Covid-19 situation safely?

With a new found way of working from home, what will be the future of WAR post pandemic? Yes POST because there are so many talks about resumptions now and this podcast couldn't be any more timely, but from a different view.

My next guest on the blog has an array of experiences in Risk, Information Security, Compliance, and Continuity. He has successfully built and led businesses for 25 years.

I am joined by someone I admire and have done before his business kicked off. I am excited to introduce you to the Winner of CIR (continuity , risk and insurance) Business Continuity Specialist Company of the year 2019, Founder and CEO of London's first independent work area recovery centre called Fortress Availability Services Ltd.

Andrew Lawton

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Listen directly below

Show Notes

2.00 What is WAR Site? - Work Area Recovery Site - Andrew tells us it's like taking out insurance.

3.10 The greatest impact for WAR sites as a business owner. There has been a question mark over the need of this. Andrew talks about the trends he has seen from his customers in this pandemic- some are increasing it

5.07 Research led to building a small/high quality centre.

6.40: Have organisations been using WAR sites ? - The response surprised me.

A pandemic has different terms, it is a grey area in the standard innovation terms where typically an office site in unavailable. Listen for more details.

9.10- Social Distancing requirements and what has been done differently. Andrew gives us into the workspace and the procedures that he has implemented.

10.02- Returning to work. Reducing density of offices and what the facility can be used for outwith traditional WAR. Innovation playing out right here. Do listen for this.

12.17: We talk about concerns Andrew faced as a business owner when the pandemic hit. Can customers share work spaces in this situation? Risks need to be managed and Terms and Conditions to be altered.

15.28 Have organisations been cancelling their WAR site contracts due to the new way of working? Andrew tells us what has been happening .

17.11- Is having WAR a luxury to have for organisations? Do you need it? Will everyone just work from home now? Andrew gives us his views. Listen to find out.

20.50: Online is not the same as face to face. We interact differently. Technology is not build for that kind of interaction.

21.53- Is this going to be the end of WAR Sites?

What is Andrew doing as a result of this?

25.00 : After the pandemic is over, organisations will question the validity of WAR sites. Andrew gives us his tips on what resilience professionals can consider in their organisations. Here is directly from him here.

At 29.00 As we wrap up , Andrew invites you all for your opinions. You can connect with him here. If you want to know more about Andrew, check out our blog interview back in 2016 just before he started his business.

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