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Resilience is about EMPOWERMENT| Sev Cokayne on RESILIENCE POD| S2. Ep02 .#Internationalwomensday

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Welcome back my wonderful friends.

It's international women's day 2020 on 8th March which is all about

> An equal world being an enabled world

>Celebrating women's achievement

> Raising awareness against bias.

BUT importantly,

>Taking action for equality and empowering yourself for resilience.

Why should you watch?

This episode has a woman in resilience worth celebrating. She has an array of experiences in resilience and is truly a global citizen. She is bold, brassy and not afraid to say it how it is and this is something I absolutely admire and love about this real model in the resilience industry. Please welcome, my next guest , Sev Cokayne.

PROMO to tickle your taste buds

#HappyInternationalWomensDay An equal world is an enabled world.

Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality and empowering yourself for resilience

Enjoy the video.

Watch in Full



I’m going to be your loudest and most edited guest - Sev Cokayne

Well, if that won't keep me on my toes, then I don't know what will.

As we begin, we flick through mood book- how does she feel before the interview? Find out at 2.00


  • At the age of 15, Sev knew she wanted to do something related to Humanitarian aid and assistance .

  • She found someone who was doing what she wanted to and went to volunteer. Spent her summer break at high school doing this.

  • Moved to the UK at 18/19 to do Disaster Management at Coventry


  • IT IS HARD to disassociate with this kind of work , switch off and not bring it home with you however it is exactly what i wanted to do.

  • Raised everywhere , as dad worked for UN – majority in Asia and Africa

5.17 – Earliest memory of mount Pinatubo erupting in 91. (When Sev saw the ash falling down from the sky – she thought it was snow

She has been through earthquakes, civil unrest and had to leave the country through embassy for certain incidents. One thing she she asked her self was

What am I doing from all these life events, what have I learnt from, there has to be a reason , to help folks .


  • We talk about Women in resilience challenges.

  • Sev refers to herself as a stubborn mule and loud and only been only women in teams.

  • She has been mistaken for many things- what were they and who is Steve?

  1. Her biggest challenge?

  2. Did she feel different?

It was more about blending in and she touches on this in detail. (it's interesting because she gives an example of the perception of how a woman should look/dress like- find out how around 8.31

This isn’t a fashion parade , I am here to work! -Sev Cokayne

AT 9.32- Sev talks about her challenges with women in the industry – unconscious bias from women – why? Have you as a women faced this with female bosses?

12.10-Resilience is about Empowerment . How and what does she mean by this? Listen on to why she said this.

12.56- How to embrace and become empowered? Sev tells a personal story of having ADHD and being dyslexic

Own your superpower and ensure you know how to use it to your strength.

At 15.00 – we talk about being a global citizen and making your work a success- its abut understanding your work environment and culture – find out what the key drivers are.

16.40- We flashback to when we first met and then re-connected over a women in crisis management event – it’s a fun story.

I tell her I admire her honesty and how she is not afraid to say it how it is. How can others who may not be as confident get themselves out there?



21.06- it's all about taking the initiative

22.31 I asked Sev , what about if you are not a confident person like her. She gives a really great tip at 22.31- listen out for those tips.

25mins we ask my fave question on BOOKS.

Innocent Anthropologist – Nigel barley (reminds her of her time in Africa

find out more and why by watching or listening

We end our time together, Sev flips through the mood book again -find out how she felt after

Leave us a message and connect with Sev on Linked In


Hope you enjoyed this video and podcast. Thank you firstly to Sev and to YOU for tuning in.

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That's it from me. Wishing all you wonderful women who have landed on this page a happy international women's day and month. You are all amazing in your own ways.

Until next time..

Keep Investing in YOUR Resilience | Rina

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Twitter @rinabhakta

Linkedin: rinabhaktasingh

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