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🎥Resilience in Policing 👮‍♀️with Kirsty Barrowman , Head of Resilience,| West Midlands Police|

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


Hey there RESILIENCE POD'ers.

Rina, your host here. Great to find you on the pod again. I have a new video for you all.

Before we get right in, I would like to stress that this video was filmed PRIOR to any covid-19 physical/social distancing rules/lockdown in the UK. (We filmed just after new year in January 2020)

What is this video about and why you should watch it

A unique opportunity to hear from a real model who not only perfectly fits the criteria for this show , but one who is breaking all barriers by not only being a fellow women in resilience, but inspiring us on her journey in rising to the challenge by being responsible for resilience for one of the largest metropolitan policing forces outside of London, all under the age of 30. (not that age is factor but I hope it will inspire you)

Join me in showing your love and support to my next guest , the Head of Resilience at West Midlands Police, Kirsty Barroman.

PLUS, find out :

  1. What resilience looks like in policing?

  2. What does a head of resilience face in terms of challenges?

  3. What does a women in resilience, in a heavily male dominated industry face?

  4. What are the grey area's of resilience?

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Listen directly below

Connect with Kirsty here

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Keep Investing in YOUR Resilience | Rina

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