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Welcome back to the RESILIENCE POD my dear readers, listeners and viewers. Can you believe it's Christmas NEXT WEEK??

I sincerely hope you have all enjoyed the amazing posts , vlogs and podcasts I have been bringing your way this year. You will have noticed that for the past month I have been posting one video/blog/podcast per week all in the spirits to bringing you some inspiration as we get closer to Christmas and ending the year.

Today is no different, but it is my FINAL video to you all.

Don't fret, it's my final for 2019.

I will be back in 2020.

(insert sighs of relief here) 😉

Just an FYI, in case you wondered...

Why did I start the vlogs/podcasts anyway? 📹 🎙 ✏️

The world is becoming turbulent faster than organisations, including ourselves are becoming Resilient. Striving for perceived perfection in the digital world has become unrealistic. The physical world is complex with a myriad of people.

My podcasts and vlogs are about unmasking this by bringing to you the REAL models working in the resilience industry who demonstrate a growth mindset, overcome challenges and open up about their vulnerabilities. These are not the perfect people behind the perfect profiles, but REAL models who have taken steps towards making the world (including themselves) more resilient.


As I say goodbye for 2019, I'd like to leave one last video (because, how could I not right?) of the round up of of all my guests on the pod this year.

Firstly, a HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of you for engaging with me over this year. Whether you have signed up to my site and become an insider, liked my posts, commented, shared and watched. THANK YOU. 🙏🏽

Moreover, HUGE thank you to the fantastic eight guests who came on and dedicated their time, ideas, and shared their stories whilst having the faith in me to execute this concept I have had for a LONG LONG LONG LONG time. Thank you for trusting in me. If you missed this then links below.

I am also thanking myself 🙌🏽 for having the damn guts to put myself out there with this because it is scary and have come to really love this process and get my creative on and you will agree my videos have got better each time! -More on this another time. #theresilientwoman

Stay tuned because I have more EXCITING things and amazing REAL models to share with you next year.

Don't forget to

1. Subscribe and become a #resiliencepodinsider

2. Watch the RESILIENCE POD YouTube Channel and/or

3. Listen via Spotify.

Share the love as always.

Happy Holidays and Cheers to you all. Until 2020.
A picture of Rina Singh, Host , Chief Resilience Officer and Founder of the RESILIENCE POD 2019 wishing her readers , viewes and listeners happy holidays. Picture taken on her 34th Birthday October 2019
Happy Holidays & Cheers 2019

With gratitude.

Your Host &

Chief Resilience Officer








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