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🎤How to prepare for the WORST day of your career |Jonathan Hemus Managing Director Insignia Crisis

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Any ideas?

🖐🏽Hey there Resilience Pod-ers.

I bet this got you thinking right? So let's get to it with my next guest on the pod Jonathan Hemus, managing director of specialist crisis management consultancy Insignia, with over 25 years’ experience of providing crisis management advice and training to world-leading organisations and brands such as Cathay Pacific, DP World, London Luton Airport, NFU Mutual and Stagecoach.

Being the sought after professional in this Covid Crisis, it is only apt to have the man himself, talking to us today about how to survive the worst day of your career with your reputation in tact. Enjoy

🎧What this episode covers and why you should listen:

🎤What is it about a crisis that causes so many business people to fail in their response?

🎤The three most common crisis management pitfalls to avoid

🎤The three most important things you must do to succeed with your crisis response

🎤Personal preparation to survive the worst day of your career

Enjoy it!

🎧Listen directly below🎧

PLUS, talking about crisis, check out the podcast on 👉🏾Crisis Leadership in a pandemic. It's also very apt! ;)

Until next time, Keep Investing in YOUR Resilience | Rina


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