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🎙️Empathy in a Global Pandemic. A podcast with Eren Aslan Senior Global Resilience Specialist, ARM

Updated: May 1, 2020

Hey there RESILIENCEPOD'ers,

Every one of us has an inherent human need to be understood and to connect with people.

The world around us has changed and so has the environments that we naturally operate in. It's different and bringing yourselves into a safe zone to deal with the pandemic requires EMPATHY!


Whether it's on a personal level or professionally, join me, Rina Singh with my next guest , Eren Aslan as we enhance our conversation around Eren's original and popular talk on empathy in continuity and the research behind it which looks at emotional intelligence in resilience programmes.

Helping elevate your awareness on Empathy to deal with anything that comes your way, especially in today's global pandemic. Listen to the conversation below- it's 30mins of your time well spent. ;)

Empathy doesn't mean agreeing with the person in front of you. It means understanding their perspective-Eren Aslan

Connect with Eren on LinkedIn here

Until next time,

keep investing in YOUR resilience

-Rina -Your host and Creator

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