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CIR Business Continuity Awards : We Won! | RESILIENCE POD

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Last night , at the prestigious CIR awards, the team i work in won the 'TRANSFORMATION AWARD'

It is an exciting time for us a team and very excited to have been recognized in our resilience journey with the support and contributions of the whole company.

Below is my colleague David Oliver, Me and our Boss , Helen Hunter Jones. We missed our colleague Warren Owens who couldn't make it. Super proud to be part of an awesome team.

It was also great connecting with friends from the past.

Remember Andrew Lawton? CEO and Founder of Fortress AS . IF NOT you should know him. Flashback to 2016 when building his Fortress to now in 2019 winning awards and setting up recovery locations in the UK and Europe.

Plus, i also got to see Charlie Boffin , CEO of ClearView Continuity. Award winning firm , my previous 2017 table companion and awesome person.

Surround yourselves with inspirational people to drive you towards becoming the BEST you can be! Also a special shot out to some of the inspirational ladies below.

..until next time

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