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BCI's Women in Resilience Launch Event 02 Jul 2019 | RESILIENCE POD

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

I am jumping on the bandwagon on this to make you all sick of hearing about this initiative but it's important because it's taken this long for it to happen! Thanks has to go to the WIR Board, M&S and BCI for making it happen!! SOLD out event in a few hours! that's something!

With reminiscent thoughts of the buzz from yesterday afternoon/evening here is a small round up:

-Be your authentic self. Seriously, just be YOU, what ever that is . Not what you think others think you should be.

-Women are still underrepresented in the UK , our facts woman told us this along with highlighting how the USA are on par with this in terms of both women in the top and salary discrepancies.

(Group plane tickets/visa applications to the states discounts apply?) - American ladies, we need your SECRETS!! -It actually reminded me of the time i worked in North America (Canada) and all the women i had met were in top positions. It really inspired me and even back in my 20s i had noticed this.

-We went onto Shaping the future with personal resilience moments, always re-checking our assumptions and facts and the infamous 5 second rule. (Google Mel Robbins ladies). Never underestimate the power of mentoring and coaching. It's important.

Just wow. Literally a room full of women and half of them i hadn't even met or ever seen. Where have we all been hiding? Seriously? Every lady i met said they had been to networking events and were the only female there. IT WAS a noticeable difference. Why are we not getting out there i do wonder. Or are and we just don't notice?

I asked the BCI's executive director how he felt being the only man in a room full of women. He said, we are just people. It didn't feel any different. It made me smile because ask a woman this, her answer would most likely not be that!!

I have been reflecting as i write about the number of women i do actually know and guess what. It's way more than i initially thought. Feminist by no means , but a shout out to all the successful women out there making an effort to connect. Can't wait to meet YOU all again very soon.

Until next time.

Enjoying these obligatory pics with some of my fave ladies...(you have seen them before) ;)

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