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8.Resilience from Within| #WinWinWin with Dr Aarti Anhal Founder Before Nine on the RESILIENCE POD

Updated: May 1, 2020

Today, we have the famous Dr Aarti Anhal on the RESILIENCE POD. I am super excited for because,

1. She is ultimate REAL model goals! (When I was starting out I wish I had a women like this to aspire to) and,

2. She introduced me to the #winwinwin framework which has CHANGED , no joke, the way I manage MY OWN boundaries for resilience.

So, join me in welcoming my final guest for 2019 in which we are talking about what it is like to be a women in the resilience industry, the three R's of personal resilience , re-framing, human strengths, figuring out what flow is and setting boundaries with our very own hashtag #WINWINWIN with THE Dr Aarti Anhal.

Watch us below

Listen to the whole interview below:

P.s. She was featured in the Continuity and Resilience Magazine and signed me a copy!! (Amazing right!)

Connect with Aarti on LinkedIn. Click here

Until next time..

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