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5.It all started with a Banana! Kate Rawlins, Associate Director Crisis Management -Helpful Digital

Updated: May 1, 2020

I am on a roll with bringing to you some awesome inspirational REAL models in the Resilience Industry. This episode is no different with


Resilience is a broad subject and this time we are talking it in terms of communications , crisis responses in a digital world. Kate also goes back into her early career and what inspired her to get into the industry. Yes, it all started with a Banana. It's amazing what inspires our real models into the industry. What makes this episode even more special is Kate opening up and sharing one of her personal resilience stories.

It's OKAY to be vulnerable and learn because dear resilience pod readers, you are more resilient than you know!

Enjoy this episode and don't forget to share the positivity.

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P.S. Check out last months' episode

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