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The most important process in public relations? Crisis Management of course.

Yesterday evening I was surrounded with some awesome women at the fantastic city of London at the iconic Gherkin for the wait for it…


When I told some of my male colleagues I was attending an evening event for women in crisis management, let me just emphasis the MANAGEMENT PART. I think I may have scared/worried a few who heard women in crisis and thought all sorts.

It’s nice to know people care. Ironically, when I met some of these amazing ladies at the event they were saying the same thing which made me smile.

We heard about the BCI’s research by the inspirational Rachel Elliot which was insightful and a very sleek presentation on a beginners guide to a crisis simulation by Nataly Rios.

An awesome evening with some amazing ladies.

So what should we focus on when creating a crisis simulation?

The Key?

To add realism, create stress and build decision making into your exercise, so trainees engage in a realistic situation where they need to adapt and react quickly to solve problems.

B I N G O!! Back in another life , doing another role, I was training the Crisis Management Team on EXACTLY this. For me , at the time, using the amazing platform created and demonstrated yesterday was not available so I had to revert back to manual interventions.

I Created Realism by creating a suspicious envelope and fake stamps on the attempts of a white powder attack. It was brilliant. The crisis management team picked straws and pulled out scenarios and off they began. It was a successful and exciting time because it was realistic, had physical props and was one of the first. I think if we had some media and comms thrown in it would have enhanced the excitement and realism but hey, that was a few years ago. Company appetites vary but if you are in a position to be able to use an interactive software it’s GREAT because it’s so REAL and gives REAL practice.

You’ll have to listen to the webinar or attend one of the presentations for more on that.

Don’t forget to join our WOMEN in Crisis Management network . Link here.

Hope to see you inspirational ladies soon. Next time i need to get a pic of all of us!

In the final words of Nataly ..

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