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Enhancing Business Resilience - Rina Singh x PreparedEx Podcast | International collaboration

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Hey Resiliencepoders

It's the Easter Bank holiday weekend and I am excited to share my most recent INTERNATIONAL collaboration with PreparedEx.....

Usually as your founder and host, I am the ones doing the interviewing so when Rob Burton, also known as the Crisis Guy (you must have heard and seen his videos) invited me on I was so excited and felt strange being on the other side of the game.

In our 30min podcast we talk about

1. The challenges faced by Businesses on Covid-19 (this was my take BEFORE the lock down happened)

2. Where do businesses start to build resilience? The best approaches. If you know me , you know I would have mentioned PEOPLE

3. The importance of business relationships and examples of things that have worked for me

4. Threats facing UK Businesses ( I picked 4 key areas so listen to find out)

5. What businesses need to do to understand their threats. (the answer is so simple)

6. My experiences of simulation exercises (i have a great story for you guys)

We ended with me talking more about the resilience pod, and you guys know what that's about so show our american friends some love and head over to the PreparedEx site to listen.


Until next time, stay safe and

Keep Investing in YOUR Resilience | Rina


Instagram: @resiliencepod

Twitter @rinabhakta

Linkedin: rinabhaktasingh

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