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7. Squared Apples with Aaron Gracey MD & Founder Squared Apples on the RESILIENCE POD

Updated: May 1, 2020

At the age of 36, my next guest on the pod took a look at himself and asked,

If I were to leave the military now, what could I offer

His answer?

Not a lot!

This is powerful!

Many stories of our soldiers are told and the hardships they face once they leave the military. But, my very next guest re-defined his personal resilience and decided that no, I do not want to be in a position where I offer nothing so at the age of 36 began his compressed educational journey.

He has more degrees than i can count on my fingers dear resilience pod readers/listeners/viewers, and is somewhat of a crazy genius. A man who has not only overcome many challenges personally and professionally but is re-defining his own resilience by telling us that personal resilience is not only about knowing when you bucket is full but also when it is empty!

I just love this and you will too. Bringing to you the real models in the resilience industry who not only share their stories but share their challenges and not hide behind a perfect profile is truly amazing. They show their vulnerable side and these are the REAL models to be inspired from. Enjoy this episode and please share the good vibes.

Fancy Less Screen time? Listen to the whole interview below. Also on Spotify!

Aaron Gracey

Highly experienced in strategic adult education management, coaching, mentoring and quality assurance. Founder of Squared Apples and ORM3 -Organisational Resilience Model

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